Equipping Christian leaders to foster sexual integrity, healing, and wholeness in their churches and communities.

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We are focusing on helping churches find new ways to build more accessible bridges from sexual brokenness to wholeness for this year's summit. Sexual brokenness is still crippling church members from carrying out the unique purpose God created them to fulfill. We desperately need a wider bridge that our entire church community can access, to move from sexual brokenness to wholeness.

The Gospel & Sexuality

On September 28, Brushfires partnered with the Wisconsin Family Council to sponsor a half-day pastors' workshop on sexuality. Our aim was to encourage and equip these leaders to respond to the sexual brokenness they face every day. The response was very positive. Read more...

"The Brushfires Foundation has been a straightforward, calm and persistent voice of reason addressing the sexual dysfunction all around and within us.  The prayerful approach of compassion toward our fallen condition is constructive and inclusive.  The public service offered opens communication on the issues of human sexuality and responds with Christian dignity offered to all."Rev. Mark R. Meier, Sr.

"The Brushfires Foundation has been a blessing to me and my congregation as we navigate through sexual brokenness and better discern God’s plan for sexual wholeness from the many false messages out there.  Brushfires equipped me with relevant and useful resources and provided insight and guidance as our church grows in Christ, begins to see discipleship as including both soul and body, and learns to minister to the sexually broken." - Rev. Stephen Wiesenauer

"Look into the work of The Brushfires Foundation and...you'll see the fingerprints of Jesus Christ, who has always cared deeply for the sexually broken--tenderly taking them by the hand, lending them His strength, and leading them into authentic and good manhood and womanhood. I pray you'll take advantage of the gift that is Brushfires Foundation, and more than that, I pray you'll join this worthy cause so the Brushfires will spread." - Josh Glaser, Executive Director, Regeneration Ministries

"The Brushfires Foundation cuts through the darkening haze about sexuality and brings forth the beautiful truth about who we really are in Christ." - Julie N., former ministry leader and mother of six.

"Thank you for your investment in the church, the Kingdom, & in us. We were blessed!"Barb H., pastor's wife

"Last night and today's presentations were awesome. Thank you for all you are doing to impact our community, Church and families. You are doing God's work and I am grateful for what you are doing." - Karen R., church lay leader 

"The ministry of Brushfires dedicates all its time and financial resources to reach out into the community in ways that improve their lives both physically and spiritually. And, I would say, does a better job than professional clergy can offer, simply because clergy don't have this level of expertise. Daniel and his ministry have been extremely helpful as a resource for those struggling with sexual sin in my congregation. And, The Brushfires Foundation has a prayer ministry which is a powerful weapon in fighting the culture of deceit and half-truths." - Rev. Steven Huff


Sexual Integrity Leaders are a collaborative group of Christian organizations and professionals specializing in helping people move toward sexual wholeness. The Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit offers a space to come together as leaders and create more accessible bridges between sexual brokenness and sexual wholeness. We work with church leaders to customize an approach that takes advantage of their existing ministry and works to simultaneously reach everyone and all ages within a church.

Green and White Annual Report (4)

Sexuality & the Church in America is an innovative, original research project that closely examines church missions, church culture, and the leadership capacity of American senior pastors on sexuality issues.

Seeds of Fire

Seeds of Fire Community Engagement is a Christian film series to spark compassionate discussion about sexuality, relationships, and the human person. You can launch this low-cost, but powerful outreach program in your church today!


The Gospel and Sexuality pastors’ workshop

On September 26, 2019, twenty-five pastors and church staff gathered in the Amherst, Wis. community center to discuss a topic that many people try to avoid: sex. The event, billed as a workshop to strengthen the Church’s response to the sexual crisis of our age, was jointly sponsored by The Brushfires Foundation and Wisconsin Family…

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Made for something more

We often use the phrase “God’s design for healthy sexuality,” but this isn’t much more than a soundbite if we don’t take time to unpack and examine it. The Christian vision understands healthy sexuality as a means by which people make themselves a gift for another.

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What is your gift to the world?

I once attended a conference that began by asking everyone to pray about what God was calling us to share over the weekend. Only one phrase came to mind: “All you have to offer is your brokenness.”

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