Equipping churches to offer a compassionate Christ-like response to the sexual brokenness of the world.

Brushfires' founder ​and president ​Daniel Weiss ​shares how important it is for churches to share God's beautiful plan for sexuality in a pornographic culture.


Seeds of Fire

Seeds of Fire Community Engagement is a Christian film series to spark compassionate discussion about sexuality, relationships, and the human person. You can launch this low-cost, but powerful outreach program in your church today!

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Sexuality & the Church in America is an innovative, original research project that closely examines church missions, church culture, and the leadership capacity of American senior pastors on sexuality issues.

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Pray Love Heal is a global praying community invested in the spiritual, sexual, and relational health of the world. Through guided prayer journeys for yourself and others, you can connect more deeply to the heart of God for the broken-hearted.


Why “Brushfires?”

People sometimes wonder why we named this ministry The Brushfires Foundation. We most often cite a Sam Adams quote: “It does not take a majority to prevail, but a …tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in men’s minds.” There is another influence on our choice of names, however, that is little known outside of Wisconsin.

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Made for something more

We often use the phrase “God’s design for healthy sexuality,” but this isn’t much more than a soundbite if we don’t take time to unpack and examine it. The Christian vision understands healthy sexuality as a means by which people make themselves a gift for another.

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What is your gift to the world?

I once attended a conference that began by asking everyone to pray about what God was calling us to share over the weekend. Only one phrase came to mind: “All you have to offer is your brokenness.”

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