2015 Ministry Year in Review

The Brushfires Foundation is working to renew a Christian vision of sexuality, relationships, and the human person. We do this through direct connection with people in need, working with other organizations, and strategically equipping Christian leaders who can influence large numbers of people. As 2015 began, The Brushfires Board of Directors outlined a strategy for greater engagement engagement on our mission. We had three primary goals:

1) To launch a global initiative that would guide a prayerful response to sexual brokenness.

2) To connect with local churches to begin field-testing our messages and resources.

3) To form new and strengthen existing relational ties with other ministry leaders working in these areas.

Board retreat at El Tesoro in Colorado

Board retreat at El Tesoro in Colorado

We’ve made great progress on our goals.

1) Pray Love Heal launched in December and has already prayed for expressed needs from people in the United States and eastern Europe.

2) We’ve had the opportunity to do local programming at four churches and have presented at two local pastors gatherings.

3) We’ve also been able to collaborate with, partner with, or otherwise assist nearly two dozen other ministries.


Here are some of the projects that helped us advance our mission in 2015:

Filming at Concordia Publishing House

Filming at Concordia Publishing House

In April, Brushfires Founder and President Daniel Weiss presented on the links between pornography and sex trafficking at the Catholics at the Capitol event in Wisconsin. We received a lot of great feedback including these thoughts:

o   “Very interesting and important info to know.  Eye opening.”

o   “I learned a lot about this major problem and how we have a moral obligation to help end pornography and human trafficking.”

o   “Great info we need to know!”

Also in April, Daniel partnered with Concordia Publishing House to film a series of short educational videos to guide parents in talking with their children about sex. The Concordia film crew assisted us by producing a series of promotional videos for Pray love Heal. These videos can be seen here.

Teaching the children about Jesus at Eureka Church

Teaching the children about Jesus at Eureka Church

In July, Daniel spoke at Eureka Methodist Church about living a bold Christian witness in an increasingly secular culture. He shared a similar message at New Hope Church in Neenah and held a film screening and discussion at Emmaus Church.

o   The pastor in Eureka sent a follow up note: “Thank you Dan for filling the pulpit and all of your teaching. I’ve heard nothing but great things about what you shared on Sunday.”

Speakers at the UCAP conference

Speakers at the UCAP conference

In September, Daniel gave the closing keynote address at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography conference. He explained to more than 900 people how the parable of the Good Samaritan shows how ordinary people can become everyday healers. Feedback included:

o   92% of participants felt the talk was helpful and 85% learned something new

o   Participant feedback included “Great depth,” “Powerful ending,” and “This was an amazing talk. So glad I got to hear it.”

o   One of the conference organizers said, “Daniel, thank you again for the spirit that you brought to our conference today. We definitely hit the mark with you. The energy that you brought into the room was just what we were looking for!”

In September, Daniel helped a rural community stand up to a Chicago-area strip club owner that wanted to locate in their village. One of the locals shared, “Daniel, thank you so very much for your info. We had the meeting a good number spoke up. So it will not go forward and is ended. Thank you.”

Teaching fathers and sons about God's design for sexuality

Teaching fathers and sons about God’s design for sexuality

In October, Daniel led a Father-Son retreat on how to be men of God in a sexualized culture. 82% of attendees said they felt more equipped on this issue than before they came. One dad later shared about the powerful conversations he had with his two sons on the drive home. This event is already booked again for 2016.

In December, Daniel met with WI Attorney General Brad Schimel to discuss the connections between strip clubs and human trafficking in Wisconsin.

Additionally, our monthly newsletter has gotten some wonderful feedback, including:

o   “Good newsletter!  I appreciated the article about Strangers in a Strange Land. Thank you for Brushfires and all that you are doing.”

o   “Amazing article – thank you!!”

o   “Excellent. I forwarded that on to my pastors, excerpting a couple of paragraphs that could be sermon material.”

o   I’m very humbled by your kind words … and it encourages my heart. There is so much to chew on here. Great job communicating these deep truths! I am praying for you today.”

o   From a pastor: “Thanks for the encouragement. The church must be actively engaged or the battle will be lost.”

Speaking to a gathering at New Hope Church

Speaking to a gathering at New Hope Church

Impact by the numbers in 2015.

o   We’ve shared a message of hope and healing with more than 1,200 people at speaking engagements and private meetings across the country.

o   Nearly 10,000 people from 78 countries accessed more than 16,000 pages of content through our website.

o   We’ve offered guidance, resources, and prayer to more than 500 contacts over the course of the year.

o   We were interviewed by AFA radio, The Boundless Show, and VCY America.

o   Our writing has appeared at Focus on the Family, Pure Community, Evangelicals for Social Action, Media Guide, and the BreakPoint blog.

 Thank you to all our friends, donors, and ministry partners for supporting this mission.

Together we are creating a vibrant community of people inspired by God’s beautiful message of love, transformed through the power of Christ, and engaging others through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The 2015 Brushfires Board of Directors

The 2015 Brushfires Board of Directors