6 myths of cultural engagement

In a society constantly engaged in “culture war,” a number of harmful myths keep people from connecting with those around them in a healthy way. The myths below are followed by “Brushfires” principles of social engagement.

Myth 1: Nothing can be done.

Truth: More can be done than we can possibly imagine if we let God lead and follow where He goes.

Myth 2: We must be loud, vocal, and visible.

Truth: If we truly want people to hear us, we must be humble, personable, and subtle.

Myth 3: Getting angry is the path to success.

Truth: People are only going to join a hopeful cause that emphasizes positive engagement with the world.

Myth 4: We must fight the darkness.

Truth: We must increase the light by presenting the good, true and beautiful story that changes lives.

Myth 5: Success comes from the top down.

Truth: Lasting change begins at the personal level and grows as others encounter transformed individuals.

Myth 6: We must change others.

Truth: Only by first changing ourselves will we have something to say that’s worth hearing.

Copyright © 2013, Daniel Weiss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.