A pastor struggles with sex addiction

We expect our leaders to rise above the mess we see in others and to somehow be different from the rest of us. This is particularly true of religious leaders who teach us about the truth and holiness. It’s difficult, then, to acknowledge that sin and brokenness impact us all, even pastors and priests.

Michael John Cusick is one such religious leader who found himself trapped by pornography and sex addiction. He has written about his struggles in Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle.

He also shared his story on The Huffington Post. He writes:

“My message to those who are in the snares of sexual compulsion is two-fold. First, you can be free and whole. Trying to manage and white knuckle this issue is not as good as it gets. Others have walked a trusted path to healing and recovery, you can too. Start by deciding you will come out of the shadows and into the light. Talk with a friend, professional counselor, or Twelve-Step Group like Sex Addicts Anonymous.

“Second, sexual compulsions are not actually about sex. …Beyond bodies seeking and experiencing sexual pleasure –all of us reach toward some spiritual mystery we cannot see, touch, or comprehend physically. …To deny the spiritual hunger hidden within the sexual impulse is to set ourselves up for a never-ending cycle that only leads to desperation, despair, and bondage.

“God is not mad at you if you are struggling with sexual compulsion. In fact, that secret, hidden place of your greatest struggle, failure or shame is exactly where God wants to meet you and give you a great gift. I should know. It happened to me.”

These are good words. You can be free. Struggle does not need to be your lot in life. If you allow Him, God will teach you something truer about yourself than your search for sex. He will teach you that your true identity can only come from Him. God wants to do this and He waits patiently for us all to realize it.