Sample cellphone usage contract

(check all provisions that apply and sign below)

Child Responsibilities

Normal Use

______ I will not text or place phone calls between _________p.m. and ________a.m. Sunday-Thursday and between _________p.m. and ________a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

______ I will send no more than _____ texts per day.

______ I will not exceed my allotted monthly minutes or text message limits.

______ I am responsible to take good care of my phone and to keep it charged at all times.


______ I will answer my phone if my parent calls, or return the call immediately if I’m in a restricted use area.

______ I will not download, add or subscribe to anything on my phone without my parents’ permission, including ringtones, apps, or any unauthorized web surfing.

______ I will not disable any parental controls on my phone.

______ I will alert my parents when I receive suspicious or alarming phone calls or text messages.

______ I will also alert my parents if I am being harassed by someone via my cellphone.

______ I will not use my phone to arrange meetings with anybody my parents don’t know.


______ I will not send threatening or mean texts to others.

______ I will not take or send embarrassing photos of myself, my family or my friends.

______ I will not share photos of other people without their permission.

______ I will not talk or write text messages about people in a way that hurts them or their reputation.

______ I will not forward or give any other support to a hurtful message sent to me about someone else.


______ I will not bring my cellphone to the family dinner table or other places prohibited by my parents.

______ I will follow basic etiquette regarding cellphones in public places. I will make sure my phone is turned off when I am in church, in restaurants, libraries or other quiet settings.

______ I will follow all school rules about cellphone use.

______ I will stop talking or texting immediately when so instructed by my parent.


______ I recognize that having a cellphone is a privilege that can be revoked at any time if I fail to adhere to the terms of this contract.

______ I also understand that this contract will allow me to demonstrate responsible behavior to my parents and that they may reward good behavior with greater responsibility and freedom in the future.

______ I understand and agree to the consequences listed below should I fail to adhere to the terms of this contract.

Parent Responsibilities
______ I will answer any questions my child might have about owning a cellphone and using it responsibly.

______ I will not take away my child’s cellphone if my child comes to me about a problem concerning content or contact on a phone unless my child is in danger or has disregarded family rules. Instead, we will work together to try to solve the problem and to make sure my child makes good choices.

______ I will alert my child if our cellphone plan changes and impacts the plan’s minutes.

______ I will give my child _______ warning(s) before I take his or her cellphone away.

______ I will periodically revisit these rules as my child matures and cellphone technology evolves.

______ I will set reasonable consequences if any of the above rules are broken. They are as follows:


We have discussed the terms of this contract, and I understand the consequences of violating these terms. My signature below is a sign of my pledge to honor this agreement.

Signed: ___________________________________________________
(Child)                                        (Date)

Signed: ___________________________________________________
(Parent/Guardian)                (Date)

Signed: ___________________________________________________
(Parent/Guardian)                (Date)