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Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt, circa 1668

Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt, circa 1668


“You say the times are evil, then improve yourselves and the times will be better: you are the times.”

St. Augustine



Reducing your pornographic footprint 

A great deal of time and expense has been spent over the past few years educating people on threats to the natural environment. “Carbon footprint” is a catchy phrase enabling people to grasp the idea of their impact on the surrounding world. It’s easy to see how successful this educational effort has been on individual choices, corporate procedures and national policy.

When it comes to pornography, however, the clear evidence of medical and social harms hasn’t yet penetrated the national consciousness. Accordingly, many people are unaware of the great harm such content causes at the personal, family, and community levels. Worse, even people who are concerned about the effect of pornography often fail to realize how their everyday choices actually contribute to the very problem they decry.

We need a new way of talking about the impact of pornography. By helping people consider their individual choices, we believe we can help reduce their “pornographic footprint” and begin to shift the culture away from acceptance of pornography. This effort will address steps each of us can take to reduce our exposure to harmful sexuality and how to effectively communicate our choices to others in the interest of sparking change.

Too often people are looking for the BIG IDEA that will come along and take care of a problem. This almost always involves someone else doing the work, even if we heartily applaud the effort. Lost is the understanding that lasting change is just as likely to be achieved by the small efforts carried out by countless people, working in their small spheres of influence. We each have quite a job to do: that little bit we ought and can.

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