College-aged men and pornography use

Pornography use appears to be the greatest among college-age men and has increased dramatically over the past decade.

A 2001 study of 506 undergraduate students from a public university in Texas found that 56 percent of men had ever accessed sexually explicit materials on the Internet.1 Another 2002 study found that 72 percent of college-aged men had ever used the Internet to view pornography.2

By 2008 research on 813 undergraduate and graduate students (500 women, 313 men) aged 18-26 revealed that:

  • 66.5% of men ages 18-26 reported that they agreed that viewing pornography is acceptable
  • 86% of  men studied reported having used pornography at some level in the past year, with approximately one fifth of men reporting daily or every-other-day use and nearly half (48.4%) using pornography weekly or more.
  • The research revealed the following usage patterns among men ages 18-26:
    • 14% reported no pornography use in the past year
    • 17% reported using pornography once per month or less
    • 21% reported using pornography 2 or 3 days per month
    • 27% reported using pornography 1 or 2 days a week
    • 16% reported using pornography 3 to 5 days a week
    • 5% reported using pornography every day or nearly every day3


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