Create a thriving office environment

Healthy families are good for business.

Business leaders can positively impact communities in many ways. Creating jobs, increasing the local tax base and providing valuable goods and services may be the most visible, but businesses also contribute to community well-being through charity efforts, support for local schools and community groups, and helping to set an overall tone of respect and dignity for all.

Business leaders can also make significant contributions to community standards of decency through targeted shifts in internal corporate culture cultivating a healthy of working environment.

Questions business leaders should ask:

Are there changes we can make in our corporate culture that both honor and protect employees and our business interests?

Have we clearly communicated company policies and the reasons behind those polices?

Do we regularly review these policies with staff?

Have we conducted internal audits on system vulnerabilities and software effectiveness?

Promoting corporate change

Upgrade filtering/monitoring software – Technology is not a complete solution but does offer some excellent tools for reducing the potential for computer abuse. Software exists to monitor for and block offensive content, as well as limit applications that use high levels of bandwidth.

Adopt Internet policies with clearly defined consequences – Each organization will have its own requirements for acceptable use policies, but establishing a clear policy that each employee agrees to in writing not only clearly communicates the company’s expectations but also reduces liability if there are problems.

Reiterate sexual harassment policies – Most companies have likely handled harassment issues during training and orientation, but a regular review of the policy affords opportunities to positively emphasize the corporate culture that management is trying to establish.

Support your staff – Companies may already be employing the protections above, but may neglect to protect employees while they travel on business. Away from family and struggling with loneliness or boredom, some staff may be tempted to access pay-per-view pornography in the hotel room late at night. Conscientious employers can support traveling staff by using a service like to find hotel rooms that do not feature PPV pornography. This also ensures your business dollars are not flowing to companies that promote a sexualized culture and profit from destructive material.

Encourage employees to get help if they need it – Federal law mandates that insurance co-pays and benefits not be more restrictive for mental health and substance abuse care than for medical care. As part of a company’s review of Internet and sexual harassment policies, leaders can take the opportunity to express concern for anyone who struggles with porn use and encourage staff to take advantage of their health insurance benefits.

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