Can we heal the deep brokenness of the world?

After building for decades, the destructive wave of the sexual revolution is striking the family with a vengeance. Perhaps six to eight percent of the population struggles with some form of sexual addiction and millions more suffer from other sexual and relational disorders. Pornography use is rampant. Children are exposed to sexual lies at younger ages, negatively shaping their understanding of love, gender, and sexuality. Sexual abuse in dating is common and divorce due to pornography is growing. Millions of teens suffer from STIs and thousands are threatened by sex trafficking each year. Nearly 40 percent of babies are brought into fatherless homes and upwards of a million unwanted children are aborted each year.

Sexual brokenness is both deeply personal and vastly global. As individuals struggle their families are impacted. As families crumble, the communities around them decay. Indeed, at the root of many of our nation’s most pressing social issues—divorce, abortion, same-sex marriage, pornography use, human trafficking—is a disordered understanding of sexuality and gender.

The silver lining of a depraved culture, if there is one, is the enormous need for love, healing and identity among those wounded by sexual lies. Our response to this tsunami of brokenness is to advance a sexual counter revolution grounded on a compelling vision of what it means to be human. The Brushfires approach can be summed up in three words: Inspire, Transform and Engage.


We are working to cultivate a beautiful Christian outreach that inspires people with the truth of their identity. We teach that the complementarity of the sexes, the inseparable closeness of the one-flesh marital union and the self-gifting model of love and service demonstrated by Christ are essential to human flourishing and the well ordering of society.


The design of the Devil is to fragment, isolate and destroy, but the power of God is to bind together, restore, and heal the wounded by adopting them into His family and drawing them together in the community of fellowship. Our calling to follow Christ and become a gift to others is a beacon of hope to wayward souls. Brushfires is working to foster Christian community that welcomes without judgment those in pain and guides them to truth, transformation and love.


We believe that our first emphasis must be to look inward to our own hearts. Only when we have grasped God’s vision for our lives, drawn it down into our own pain and received healing by the Spirit of God will we gain the credibility to minister to others. Being aware of the forgiveness and healing God freely gives allows us to also approach others with a posture of service and love rather than condemnation. We place a strong emphasis on spiritual growth and weave ongoing discipleship through all we do.


“If the task of the twentieth century was to rid itself of the Christian sexual ethic, the task of the twenty-first must be to reclaim it.”

Christopher West, founder of The Cor Project


Massacre of the Innocents

by Valerio Castello, 1656-1658


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