Family Media Pledge

Families can join together to create a decent and healthy home environment. By taking a family media pledge, parents can model sound decision making for children and open up opportunities to discuss appropriate and inappropriate media messages.

Feel free to download and use the following pledge with your family.

Family Media Pledge

OUR Clean & Safe Media PLEDGE

As a family, we commit to making clean and safe media choices
in order to keep our home a happy and healthy place to be.

We will do this by:

1. Selecting books, Web sites, music, magazines, activities, and/or movies
that are in harmony with our family values.

2. Being kind to ourselves and to others by not posting or forwarding anything
that could cause hurt, embarrassment, or offense. If we receive a
text or e-mail that makes us feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared, we will
tell a parent right away.

3. Showing respect for our body and others’ bodies by not looking at or
posting nude or immodest images. If we accidentally come across something
inappropriate, we will tell a parent right away.

4. Protecting identifying information by not posting phone numbers,
addresses, or personal information in places where they can be seen by
strangers. If we are unsure, we will ask a parent before posting personal

5. Never meeting up with someone we have met online unless a parent
knows exactly where we are and someone accompanies us.

6. Limiting our media use when it is late at night or we are home alone.





This resource was graciously offered free for all by Dr. Jill Manning, author of What’s The Big Deal About Pornography?