Brushfires service fees

One-time phone consultation to discuss intake form – FREE

Create a custom ministry plan for your church – $150

Continuing guidance/consultation via email, skype, or phone – $50/hour

On-site ministry fees

The following rates are for churches/organizations with annual budgets between $150K to $500K. Fees are decreased by 50% for churches with an annual budget under $150K and increased by 50% for churches with an annual budget of $500K or greater. This sliding scale allows us to serve more churches. Please let us know if you have financial needs and we will try to find a way to serve you.

  • Topical presentations/standard talks (30-90 minutes): $200 + travel costs
  • Training sessions:
    • Half day (3-4 hours): $500 + travel costs
    • Full day or evening and morning (6-7 hours): $1,000 + travel costs
  • Church-wide engagement weekends (Fri-Sun): $2,000 + travel costs

Standard travel costs include:

  • Standard IRS mileage rate (2018 — $0.545/mile)
  • Meals needed during ministry and travel time
  • Lodging, if required

Long-distance travel costs include all of the standard travel costs, as well as:

  • Airfare, if needed
  • $20/hour for travel time greater than 4 hours round-trip (accrued in half hour increments)

Outside experts:

  • Brushfires often partners with trusted issue experts to teach on certain topics, including:
    • Same-sex attraction
    • Addiction issues
    • Teen and youth presentations
    • Sexual abuse

NOTE: There may be other costs associated with bringing in one of these experts.