Getting started

If you are new to The Brushfires Foundation, allow us to explain a bit about our work, our approach and how we hope to serve you.

Our beginning

Brushfires was started by a number of people who had for many years worked to strengthen the family and create a healthier society. Much of our work happened in the political arena and was focused on broad cultural change. However, we began to understand the problems of cultural change as described by Austrian-born philosopher Eric Voegelin. In his book on Voegelin, Michael Federici describes what we had come to see:

“Voegelin pointed to two common misconceptions regarding the Western crisis. First was the assumption that the crisis could be addressed by information about truth. The second was that a reform could ‘be achieved by a well-intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the source of disorder.’”

All of us were careful with the truth and armed with plenty of information, but our opponents told better stories, often with no research to back up their claims. We found that many people aren’t after information, but are swayed by emotion instead.

We also came to understand that large-scale cultural action is unlikely to be successful in the long run if we aren’t positively impacting the hearts of individuals and serving their families’ needs.

Our approach

Without opposing large-scale efforts to reform society, we have decided to intentionally draw down these issues to the community, family and individual levels. Our model is Jesus of Nazareth, who poured into the lives of a select few whom he then entrusted with the task of spreading the good news of God’s love. These transformed individuals touched hundreds, thousands, and millions of lives because they were able to offer evidence of a changed life.

We believe that the secular culture will not be interested in our messages of hope and healing if they don’t see the evidence in our lives first. Even then, it will take patience and dedicated effort to connect at a human level with those who disagree with us.

The change begins with me

On this website you will find much information about the truth, but our intention is to provide a fully-orbed approach to sexual brokenness and wholeness, indeed for the entire life of faith. The Brushfires leadership has come to see that we must lead by learning all of these things ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have. Likewise, we encourage our visitors to spend time on this site exploring its depths and allowing the Spirit of God to draw these truths deep into the heart and soul.

We do not offer quick fixes here, but hope to create greater awareness that the problems we face in our culture, in our families and in our own lives did not develop overnight. They took many years to become what they are today, and they will take a long time to address, untwist, heal and restore. Take heart! This is a path we walk together. Find comfort in the community we are working to draw together. Join our Facebook community and sign up for our newsletter. These are designed to offer encouragement along the way with timely, practical, and life-changing resources.

Our service to you

No matter your reason for coming, we want to serve you. If you are struggling with pornography or sexual wounds of the past, we have help for you. If you’d like a better sense of the Christian teaching on sexuality or want to know what you can do to serve your community and others, we are ready with resources to guide your way. If you are looking for stats or are just curious, we invite you to find what you are seeking and stay a while longer. And, if you do not find what you need, please drop us a note and let us know.

May God grant peace for your hearts and joy in your journey.


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President and Founder