Getting to the Heart of Healing

More than two years ago, I learned about a young filmmaker who was asking around about pornography addiction. Jessica Mockett had encountered the impact of pornography among her friends and wanted to explore an affliction that is devastating millions of people.

HeartofMatterThrough a series of connections we met each other by phone and I was immediately impressed with her grasp of the issue and her dedication to making a film that would explode the shame associated with pornography addiction. We talked several times before she invited me to be interviewed for her film. I flew to Salt Lake City for the filming and had a fantastic experience talking with her about shame, abuse, addiction, faith, and recovery. I left that day certain that her film was not only going to be great, but that it was going to be vital to helping Christians address this sensitive topic.

Now, Jessica has finished her film and it is every bit as great as I had hoped. To put it simply, there is no other film like this on the market today. I cannot recommend it highly enough. My friend, Jonathan Daugherty, had this to say:

The Heart of the Matter takes an honest, gracious look into the lives of real people impacted by porn and sexual addiction. It is educational, at times heart-wrenching, but above all inspiring; the entire film draws you in to a redemptive message. There is hope for healing and a whole new life. We highly recommend this film to anyone struggling with sexually addictive behaviors or those in relationship with a sexual addict.”

I invite you to view the trailer below to get a sense of the film, but more so, I hope you buy it and share it with others. You can purchase digital downloads or DVD copies here. I truly believe that this film has the power to change lives forever. More than that, if pastors will promote it and stand behind it, we will see our churches transformed as well.

With peace and joy,

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