Brushfires Giving Guide

As 2019 comes to a close, we are busy preparing for a productive new year. The gift amounts and projects listed below are elements of the Brushfires 2020 Mission & Ministry Plan. Our total budget needs for 2020 are $135,000. Your investment of any amount in this vital work is changing lives every day.

Thank you and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you this Christmas season. 


Equipping Christian leaders

Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit – Portland 2020

2020 will feature our third Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit. Over the past three years we have discovered a whole community of Christian leaders looking for support, training, and fellowship. Feedback from attendees at these events has been incredible and we hope to make our Portland event better than ever. Our budget need for the 2020 Portland Summit is $24,000. Single gifts and recurring donations in any amount will help us host one of the most important events many leaders will ever attend.

Sexual Integrity Leadership Society

We are preparing to launch the Sexual Integrity Leadership Society to continue our work of equipping and serving pastors, church staff and lay leaders, ministry leaders, and engaged Christians around the country throughout the year. We are especially seeking larger seed money through grants and private donations to help us launch in the next year. Our budget need for the Sexual Integrity Leadership Society is $28,000. Single gifts and recurring donations in any amount will help us better serve Christian leaders around the country.

Original research on pastors and churches

Sexuality & the Church in America is a collaborative research project led by The Brushfires Foundation and TrueNorth Freedom Project, along with Covenant Eyes and 22 other organizations. A gift of $200 will print one original research survey on pastors conducted with Barna Group. A gift of $800 will cover all four reports we plan to issue in 2020. Visit our report page to learn more.

Field Work in Churches

Serving Christian leaders is our passion. The year 2020 brings new opportunities to serve pastors, churches, and other Christian leaders where they are. Our annual budget need for our field work is $7,200 ($600/month). 


Sponsor a pastors’ workshop on the Gospel and Sexuality. We are planning four half-day pastor’s workshops in 2020 to strengthen the Church’s response to sexual brokenness. Your gift of $4,800 will cover all of these costs for 2020. Gifts of $50, $100, or $250 also help us to serve these crucial leaders.


Feed a pastor for a day! Our goal is to love on pastors by treating them to lunch or dinner, where we can also communicate our support, offer spiritual (and nutritional) refreshment, and learn how to better serve these amazing shepherds. A gift of $1,800 or $150/month will pay for 24 pastor lunches in 2020 (includes meal and travel costs).


Cover travel costs for one event.Your gift allows us to spread more “brushfires" in the local community. $600 or $50/month covers up to six local speaking events in 2020.

Executive Care

Taking care of our chief executive is one of our highest priorities. His vision, determination, and calling have positioned this ministry to tackle one of the most difficult and needed reforms facing churches today. Our annual budget need for executive care is $52,500 ($4,375/month).


Support our president for a month! Your gift of $4,000 will cover one month of salary and health insurance. Single and recurring gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. 


Strengthen our founder’s marriage. Your gift of $600 will allow Daniel’s wife to travel with him to one event per year.

Executive training is vital to the success of Brushfires. You can strengthen our executive leadership by sponsoring our president's enrollment in the Living Waters Leadership Training ($1,700) and in the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family ($1,700).

Daily Operations

Running the office isn’t the most exciting part of our work, but it allows us to accomplish our mission each day. Our annual budget need for daily operations is $5,490 ($458/month).


Cover one month of professional services such as legal and tax guidance, graphic design, and more. A gift of $2,700 will handle our professional services need all year long.


Underwrite our donor management system for a month. A gift of $1,200 or a recurring gift of $100/month allows us to better serve our donors and supporters for a whole year.


Support our online presence. A gift of $900 or a recurring gift of $75/month covers the whole year.


Provide office supplies for a month. A gift of $180 supplies our office for a year.


Cover our email services for a month. A gift of $300 or a recurring gift of $25/month pays for the whole year.


Pay for office space for one month. $600 or a recurring gift of $50/month pays for the whole year. Yes, our president actually works in this cozy little hut!


Deliver phone and internet for a month. A gift of $900 or a recurring gift of $75/month covers the whole year.


Thank you for your support. May the peace of Christ be yours throughout the year!