Brushfires Foundation president Daniel Weiss speaks on the source of true healing.

Healing from Girl with a Curl on Vimeo.


“One poem I read, once, had the words…when Jesus was scratching in the dirt, he was writing the words, ‘Where is the man?’ I always thought that was really profound that we’ve judged the woman for her wrongness, but where’s the man? She didn’t commit this alone.

“But, I find it actually very appropriate for what’s going on in culture today because the whole situation – all this anger, this blood lust, this blood thirst that we’ve got to deal with this, this is going to corrupt all of our culture if we let this go. And yet, Jesus waits, waits, waits and calmly says, ‘Okay, whoever is without sin, you can handle this.’

“And I find this so interesting that this happened around a sexual issue. Again, I go back to ‘everyone is sexually broken.’ And, no one could throw that stone. I think there’s a lot of judgment and condemnation in society and there probably always will be. What Jesus wanted to teach us is that it ought not come from us, because it’s not coming from him.

“And, I think that’s one of the reasons Jesus was not afraid to be seen with sinners. It’s because he knew more than they knew that all their acting out, everything they were hungering for and thirsting for, ultimately, it was him, and he wanted to offer himself to them. That’s the model of healing. If we find all the things we’re hungry and thirsty for, all the things we want to take from others, we’ll find that in Jesus. He wants to give that to us.

“Meeting the woman at the well, very similar. She was known and loved, not judged, and she became the chief evangelist of that town. I think if we would understand, if we could give people true healing—not ostracize them, not judge them, not condemn them, but, again, recognize that we’re in this together, we’re all in need of forgiveness—these people will transform the world.”

Copyright © 2013, Daniel Weiss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Copyright © 2013, Daniel Weiss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.