Sexual Integrity & the Church in America

Sexual Integrity & the Church in America is a series of reports examining how churches and their leaders are addressing crucial sexual, relational, and spiritual challenges of the age. These reports are based on research conducted by Barna Group with 410 Protestant senior pastors in October 2017.

We intend these reports to help churches, para-church ministries, pastors, and other Christian leaders to more effectively address sexual matters and compassionately and intentionally serve people in need both within and outside their churches.

Green and White Annual Report (4)

Since the dawn of the Sexual Revolution, cultural sexual attitudes in America have dramatically shifted. Casting off old moral restraints, several generations now have experienced a society that promises sexual freedom, but leaves untold millions of women, men, and children suffering from sexual brokenness of all kinds. Further, sexual abuse, pornography addiction, gender identity confusion, and other sexual struggles are among the most difficult life challenges to address because they are so deeply personal. Shame and fear often prevent people from sharing their struggles with others. As the silence and isolation grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for many people to find the support and healing they need.

The question for many of these people is, “Will I find support from my church?”

There is no single answer—and certainly no easy answers—to such a question. Our research reveals that many pastors are not engaged on these issues and most are not well-equipped to handle them. The first in a series of reports, Sexuality & the Church in America I explores how Protestant senior pastors are addressing sexual challenges within the church.

Our mission is to help you address sexuality in your church with compassion, grace, and truth. The following services and resources can help you get you started.

Equipping church and ministry leaders through collaboration to inspire sexual discipleship, integrity, wholeness, and freedom in Christ.

Join us in Atlanta, Ga. May 2-4, 2019 for a three-day national pastors training event.

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Brushfires offers a number of services and programs to help churches create a climate of openness, honesty, trust, and courage where people feel free to share their deepest pain and walk toward healing with the help of Jesus Christ and others in the safe environment of a local church.

Seeds of Fire is a highly adaptable film series designed to help churches understand, embrace, and proclaim a Christian vision of sexuality, relationships, and what it means to be human.


Sexuality and The Church in America is a collaborative research project led by The Brushfires Foundation and TrueNorth Freedom Project, along with Covenant Eyes and 22 other organizations dedicated to serving individuals in need, strengthening and protecting families, equipping churches to share the truth about sexuality with love, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the culture.

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