Sexual Integrity & the Church in America

This innovative original research project was commissioned by The Brushfires Foundation and TrueNorth Freedom Project, with support from Covenant Eyes and more than 20 other organizations. The research was conducted by Barna Group in October, 2017, with a total of 410 Protestant senior, executive, or lead pastors participating.

The study provides an in-depth look at three aspects of how churches today are engaging a number of sexuality-related issues:

Church missions: We explored senior pastors’ beliefs about the impact of a sexualized culture on people’s faith and the role churches should take in addressing various social issues related to sexuality.

Church culture: We investigated the kinds of personal sexual issues church leaders were encountering among members and staff and what kinds of resources and support they were offering to people in need.

Church leadership: We examined the kind of training pastors have received on sexual issues, how qualified they feel to handle various issues, and what their personal experience with sexual brokenness is.

Topics covered in the survey include: pornography, marital infidelity, sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, transgenderism, public decency, the state of marriage, sex-trafficking, youth culture, sex education, and more.

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