Marriage and church attendance lower pornography use

Research shows that marriage and church attendance correlate with lower rates of pornography use.

In a 2000 Focus on the Family/Zogby poll, 21 percent of those polled said they had ever visited a sexually oriented website, while 18 percent of married people and 18 percent of those who call themselves “born again” Christians had done so. These numbers stand out from the use rates for singles (36%) and people in cohabiting relationships (36%).

Using General Social Survey data from 2000, researchers found that people who reported being happily married were 61 percent less likely to report using pornography. Those who reported greater church involvement were 26 percent less likely to use pornography.1

These researchers wrote, “The present study suggests that the strengthening of adult social bonds, especially those to religion and marriage, might reduce the attraction to cyberpornography.”


1 Steven Stack, Ira Wasserman, Roger Kern, “Adult Social Bonds and Use of Internet Pornography,” Social Science Quarterly, Volume 85, Number 1, March 2004, p. 82.

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