Position statements

Our approach to sexual topics upholds and affirms historic Christian teaching. Below are our core beliefs on a number of key issues addressed by this ministry.

Marriage and Family: We believe that the natural family, consisting of one man and one woman married for life, is the foundational unit of society, the cradle of faith for the next generation, and the strongest family structure for the nurture of children. We recognize that many people will not experience this ideal family structure because of the sinful world in which we live, and offer compassion to those who have experienced relational wounds. We support the protection of the natural family from all legal and social movements that would weaken it.


Life: We affirm the dignity and worth of all human persons from conception to natural death regardless of an individual's mental or physical capacity. We oppose all movements that would diminish the value of any human life, whether pre-born, elderly, infirm, or those with developmental challenges. Further, we believe that reproductive technologies that create life outside of the natural family bond, treat human life as a commodity, or intentionally sever the natural parent-child relationship are morally wrong.

Sexual Identity: We believe the truth of Genesis 1 and 2, as affirmed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 19, that God created humans in His image and likeness as male and female. Men and women are unique and complementary persons whose differences reveal and affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. We believe men and women are equal in God’s eyes and that both bring necessary characteristics to relationships, the nurture of the family, and a thriving society. We uphold the biological basis for sexual identity and reject the notions that God created more than two genders or that gender exists independent of biological sex.

Boy goes with the girl in a blossoming orchard

Sexual Expression: We believe sexuality is a gift from God to be carefully stewarded according to Scripture throughout one’s life. We also affirm that it was designed by God for procreation, the bonding of spouses, and mutual delight. Sexual expression is reserved exclusively for a husband and wife in marriage. We stand opposed to pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexually graphic media, and all other expressions of sexuality that depart from God’s revealed will in Scripture.

Sexual Brokenness: We believe that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” as stated in Romans 3:23. This includes an inherent brokenness in our sexuality. This brokenness includes the sins we have committed, as well as those committed against us by others. No one lives out their sexuality perfectly. Therefore, God calls all people to personally respond to and offer to others His promise of forgiveness through Christ. More than forgiveness, we believe that Jesus Christ is capable of healing our sexual wounds as we entrust them to His care. It is especially important for Christians to extend support, healing, and love to those who have experienced sexual abuse or exploitation through no fault of their own. Each of us is called to bring our sexuality under the redemption of the cross and the new life of the Holy Spirit.


Leading with Compassion: We believe that outreach to the sexually broken begins with compassion. Many people today have never encountered the Gospel in light of their sexuality and are unaware of how God has created human sexuality as an image of His eternal abiding love. We uphold God’s Law as a divine tool that convicts people of their sinfulness, and which also must be paired with the Good News of God’s forgiveness for all who have fallen short in some way. We are further compelled to proclaim God’s fervent desire that all people live in the freedom made available by Christ’s death on the cross.