A comprehensive, Scriptural, and positive teaching on sexuality

Stained Glass Panel, Betrothal of Adam and Eve, late 14th century, Germany

Betrothal of Adam and Eve, late 14th century, Germany

What are some helpful resources outlining God’s design for sex?

One of the most common questions young people ask with regard to sex is, “How far can I go without sinning?” Sadly, this is the question many adults ask, as well. We’ve become a people that wants to indulge in sexual activity, but avoid the consequences that come with sin. We seek the boundary line and work to get as close as we can to it.

Such an approach is legalistic. That is, there are only prohibitions to guide us and we become a people holding to the letter of the law, rather than to its spirit. Of course, this isn’t true for every Christian, but it is true enough that our sexual ethics are mainly concerned with “thou shalt nots” and our messages primarily communicate “don’t do that because it is sinful” or don’t do that because you’ll get a disease or become pregnant.”

Indeed, many Christians wonder if a negative message about sex is really all we have to offer. Thankfully, this is not true! In reality, the Bible describes a wonderful, mind-blowing, beautiful and positive vision of sexuality and relationships. Ours is a vision of unsurpassing glory that leads us to the very heart and nature of God. Rather than a series of NOs, we have been given a long, exuberant YES to life as God designed it and as Christ redeems it.

As a spiritual leader in your congregation, you have an incredible opportunity to unpack this rich treasure for the local community of faith. We’ve gathered together a number of helpful resources that can inspire and guide you as you work to restore a godly vision of love, sexuality, and relationships in the context of the Christian faith.

We want to offer one word of explanation about the following resources. We are drawing from a number of different Christian traditions and denominations. Sometimes, these differing views can be quite challenging and sometimes they can even be contradictory. We’re not advocating one resource above all others, but hope you can spend some time studying these various approaches and test them in light of Scripture. We know that all of them can bless you in some way and will certainly be helpful in helping you form a more biblical understanding of these matters.


Short articles:

The best books on God’s design for sex

Do Christians have a theology of the body?

Does sex point to something more? 

The value of male and female

The Colorado Statement on Biblical Sexual Morality



Longer treatments:

The Divine Marriage: God’s Purpose and Design for Human Sexuality
A biblical exploration of what we mean by “authentic sexuality,” by Dr. David Kyle Foster. Used with permission.


An introduction to Theology of the Body
This extended outline by Fr. Roger Landry will help those who want to quickly become familiar with the main themes of Theology of the Body.


God is Love
Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical letter on the meaning of Christian love, delivered on December 25, 2005.


The Truth And Meaning Of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family
This is a fantastic primer on the blessings of a home open to honest and authentic sexual education. Hard copies can also be purchased through our online store.