Seeking renewal

An important part of healing is ongoing spiritual growth. We must move our focus away from what we leave behind to that for which we press forward. Sexual and spiritual maturity are increasingly realized as we discern the truth about our core identity, that we are beloved children of God. But, more is required than simply learning our identity. We must also grow comfortable in that identity and and begin to love our lives in the truth of this redeemed self.

The good people at Renovaré have devoted themselves to helping people grow spiritually through fine books, retreats and online resources. I encourage you to visit their site often and learn from them.

A good first step to ongoing spiritual growth is to sign The Renovaré Covenant. It states:

In utter dependence upon Jesus Christ as my ever-living
Savior, Teacher, Lord, and Friend,

I will seek continual renewal through:
• Spiritual Exercises
• Spiritual Gifts
• Acts of Service

You can sign the covenant here.