Take the ‘Book My Conscience’ pledge

As a citizen concerned with the rising tide of indecency and the negative impact pornography has on individuals, families and communities,

I pledge:

  1. to stay in hotels without in-room pornography whenever possible and encourage others to do the same, even when it might be inconvenient.

  2. to personally thank the management of any hotel that has chosen to forgo in-room pornography.

  3. to personally register my dissatisfaction with management of any hotel I stay at that offers in-room pornography.

  4. to only refer guests and visitors to hotels without in-room pornography whenever possible, even if it might be inconvenient.

  5. to only book conferences, training seminars and retreats at facilities that do not offer in-room pornography whenever possible.

  6. to instruct my company’s travel department and/or revise my company’s travel guidelines to require traveling employees to stay only at hotels that do not feature in-room pornography whenever possible.

Copyright © 2013, Daniel Weiss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.