Founder and President

Daniel WeissDaniel Weiss, founder and president, founded The Brushfires Foundation after more than a decade of addressing pornography, addiction, public policy, and sexual wholeness with Focus on the Family, Prison Fellowship Ministries, and Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana. Realizing that sexual breakdown at the personal and societal level is tied to spiritual emptiness, Daniel hopes to renew the Christian vision of the whole person and help people apply this vision to their daily lives. Daniel is married with five children and lives in Wisconsin. Read his full bio.

Board of Directors

Bill SpencerColonel Bill Spencer, vice-president, treasurer, United States Air Force, Retired, is a facilitator and consultant for small non-profits on board governance, recruitment and strategic planning. For almost 29 years, he served in our nation’s Air Force with a warrior’s heart, especially for those disfranchised by the culture. Whether teaching for Colorado Christian University or serving on several boards, Bill now is motivated to advocate for victims of pornography and human trafficking. Bill’s family, including grandchildren, are all near (for now) his beloved Rocky Mountains.

Brandon ShowalterBrandon Showalter, secretary, is a journalist with The Christian Post, writing daily on the nation’s most pressing spiritual and social issues. Brandon graduated with a BA in International Studies and Spanish from Bridgewater College (VA) in 2007 and subsequently completed a fellowship with the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society, and Law. Since then he has worked in the nonprofit sector and legal services industry. Brandon is deeply committed to restoring the hearts of men and women and helping them to live in the fullness of their identity in Christ.