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Your gift is helping to support a vital ministry to a vulnerable population. Every day we provide resources and referrals to individuals, families and churches looking for guidance, hope, and community. Consider the feedback we’ve received recently…


Thank you for the resources, encouragement, and prayer. God works in such marvelous ways to provide the hands of help! Today, you are the hands of God to me!

LOVED your Right Stuff post! Just what I have needed. Keep up the great work. You are a great leader for us all!

Thanks again so much for sharing this book with me. It has profoundly influence my life, thinking, heart and relationship with God.

The encouragement in your prayer hit on something very specific I’ve had on my mind, and brought me great comfort.  Thank you for that.

Thank you for the prayer event.  It was good for me to be a part of this call today.  I needed it, this week in particular.

I was encouraged to see a friend who privately struggles with same-sex attraction and who recently heard about Brushfires through me- continuously reposting your stuff. Your message is spreading! She loves what you are doing.

Thanks so much for your leadership – prayer must be our first resort, not last, which it often seems to be.


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