The best books on God’s design for sex

Aha! You clicked on that link because you were looking for the Christian Kama Sutra.

No, my friend, the books recommended on this page will not gratify the lusts of the flesh. Rather, they fill the soul with such deep spiritual delight that everything about life will begin to make sense. Even if you are looking for resources on good sex you ought to start here, for the best sex comes from understanding and living toward God’s design. Sex as God ordains it is far more than the connection of bodies, but the deep mingling of souls in a covenant marriage relationship. In many ways, God designed our human sexual intimacy to give us a glimpse of a far greater spiritual reality of loving, intimate, and eternal fellowship with him in heaven.

Here are some of the best books explaining God’s meaning and purpose for sexuality:

  1. Men and Women are From Eden by Mary Healy
  2. Fill These Hearts by Christopher West
  3. Man and Woman He Created Them by John Paul II
  4. The Nuptial Mystery by Angelo Cardinal Scola
  5. Man and Woman God Made Them by Jean Vanier

If you don’t have time to read a full book right now, you might whet your appetite with these excellent shorter resources:

The Value of Male and Female

Focus on the Family’s guiding principle on sexuality and gender is a bold declaration that gender matters in God’s plan for humanity and that even if we don’t always live up to God’s standards, the grace and love of Christ compels Christians to reach out to those who are lost and hurting with a message of hope and healing.


The Colorado Statement on Biblical Sexual Morality
In 2000, a diverse team of diverse Bible scholars formulated a biblical teaching on sexuality. This document details their findings.


The Divine Marriage: God’s Purpose and Design for Human Sexuality
A biblical exploration of what we mean by “authentic sexuality,” by Dr. David Kyle Foster. Used with permission.