The right questions

When I first heard about Jessica Mockett’s documentary film, Shamed, I was intrigued. Too few people were addressing the harmful impact of pornography, so I wanted to learn more. When we spoke, I could tell she really had a heart for the issue. More than that, she seemed to understand the issue like few others. After talking a few times, we both felt it would be good to move our discussions to her set.

Jessica was kind enough to send advance copy of her questions. As I read through them (about six pages worth) I marveled at her ability to get to the deepest and most crucial elements of recovery. No one is asking questions like this film does. And that is why we still have so few answers in the broader culture. If you ask the right questions you will get the right answers. Watch this clip and see the power of redemption begin to unfold before your eyes.

Let’s work together to make this film a reality. Jessica and her team need continued funding in order to bring this film to the individuals and families that desperately need it. I have personally donated to their project and I invite you to do so as well. You can learn more at

Copyright © 2013, Daniel Weiss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.